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LTPL-U35UVC280GH Datenblatt(Datasheet) 10 Page - Lite-On Technology Corporation

Teile-Nr. LTPL-U35UVC280GH
Beschreibung  Specific Lighting
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Hersteller  LITEON [Lite-On Technology Corporation]

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Part No. : LTPL-U35UVC280GH
Specific Lighting
7. Cautions
Use alcohol-based cleaning solvents such as isopropyl alcohol to clean the LED if necessary.
Do not use unspecified chemical liquid to clean LED, it could harm the package.
Drive Method
An LED is a current-operated device. In order to ensure intensity uniformity on multiple LEDs connected in parallel
in an application, it is recommended that a current limiting resistor be incorporated in the drive circuit, in series with
each LED as shown in Circuit below.
Circuit model A
Circuit model B
(A) Recommended circuit.
(B) The brightness of each LED might appear different due to the differences in the I-V characteristics of those
© This LED should be used under forward current, particularly not used under continuous reverse current to avoid
the damage to LED.
The electrode pads are plated with gold, but it is still not recommended to the use under any of the following
conditions, please confirm the performance and reliability are well enough if you use it under any of the following
・Do not use sulfur-containing materials in commercial products including the materials such as seals and
adhesives that may contain sulfur.
・Do not put this product in a place with a lot of moisture (over 85% relative humidity), dew condensation, briny air,
and corrosive gas (Cl, H2S, NH3, SO2, NOX, etc.).
Manual Handling Remark
The LED should only be picked up by making contact with the sides of the LED body. It should not put any pressure on
the lens either by finger or any hand tool. Do not puncture or push the lens.

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