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Teile-Nr. IC-PT2613
Beschreibung  6-CH. PHASED ARRAY OPTO ENCODER (26-1250)
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Hersteller  ICHAUS [IC-Haus GmbH]

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iC-PT 2613
Rev A3, Page 2/10
iC-PT 2613 is an optical sensor IC with integrated
photosensors whose signals are converted into volt-
ages by low-noise transimpedance amplifiers. Pre-
cise voltage comparators with hysteresis are used to
generate the digital signals, supplied to the output
pins via differential +/- 4 mA push-pull drivers.
The built-in LED power control with its 40 mA driver
stage permits a direct connection of the encoder
LED. Regardless of aging or changes in temperature
the received optical power is kept constant. An exter-
nal resistor presets the photocurrent operating point
and thus the desired illumination level.
Selection input SEL chooses for three different op-
erating modes: regular A/B operation, A/B operation
with 2-fold interpolation, or analog operation. With
analog operation the amplified signal voltages are
available at the outputs for inspection and monitoring
encoder assembly.
Typical applications of iC-PT devices are incremental
encoders for motor feedback and commutation. To
this end, device version iC-PT 2613 provides differ-
ential A/B tracks and a differential index track, each
consisting of multiple photo sensors. The layout of
the signal amplifiers is such that there is an excellent
paired channel matching, eliminating the needs for
signal calibration in most cases.
Additionally, three more tracks are provided to gener-
ate motor commutation information for the U, V and
W outputs, for instance with 90 degree phase shift to
operate 4-phase brushless motors (period count and
phase shift can be varied by the code disc applied).

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