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M-982-02 Datenblatt(Datasheet) 1 Page - Clare, Inc.

Teile-Nr. M-982-02
Beschreibung  Precise Call Progress Tone Detector
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Hersteller  CLARE [Clare, Inc.]

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Precise Call Progress Tone Detector
Precise detection of call progress tones
Linear (analog) input
Digital (CMOS compatible), tri-state outputs
22-pin DIP and 20-pin SOIC
Single supply 3 to 5 volt (low power CMOS)
Inexpensive 3.58 MHz crystal time base
Wide dynamic range (30 dB)
Lower power consumption (power-down mode)
425 Hz detection
Automatic dialers
Dialing modems
Measurement equipment
Test equipment
Service evaluation
Billing systems
The M-982-02 is an integrated circuit precise tone
detector for special-purpose use in automatic following
of switched telephone calls. The circuit uses low-
power CMOS techniques to provide the complete fil-
tering and control required for this function. The basic
timing of the M-982-02 is designed to permit operation
with almost any progress tone system.The use of inte-
grated circuit techniques allows the M-982-02 to pack
the five filters for call progress following into a single
22-pin DIP or 20-pin SOIC. A 3.58 MHz crystal-con-
trolled time base guarantees accuracy and repeatabil-
The M-982-02 is an enhanced drop-in replacement for
the M-982-01. It has a wider operating voltage range
(down to 3V). It has lower power consumption under
normal operating conditions. In addition, a power-
down (PD) feature is provided to further reduce power
consumption when inactive. It includes a 425 Hz
detector to support common international call progress
Block Diagram
Ordering Information
Part #
22-pin plastic DIP
20-pin plastic SOIC
20-pin plastic SOIC,Tape and Reel
Pin Diagram

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