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3--435626--6 Datenblatt(PDF) 3 Page - TE Connectivity Ltd

Teile-Nr. 3--435626--6
Beschreibung  Dual In- Line Package
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Hersteller  TEC [TE Connectivity Ltd]
Logo TEC - TE Connectivity Ltd

3--435626--6 Datenblatt(HTML) 3 Page - TE Connectivity Ltd

  3--435626--6 Datenblatt HTML 1Page - TE Connectivity Ltd 3--435626--6 Datenblatt HTML 2Page - TE Connectivity Ltd 3--435626--6 Datenblatt HTML 3Page - TE Connectivity Ltd 3--435626--6 Datenblatt HTML 4Page - TE Connectivity Ltd  
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Figure 3
Protective Cover
Grip Here
Cover Latch
3.2. PC Board Installation
1. Make a layout on the pc board according to the
dimensions shown in Figure 4.
2. Make certain all contact leads have started entry
into holes. Grip sides of switch and push switch
into pc board until it is bottomed.
3. Hold switch at a slight angle and start one row
on contact leads into pc board holes. Do NOT
over--insert. Switch should be rotated until second
row of contact leads are aligned with opposite row
of contact holes.
Figure 4
7.62 [.300] Ref
2.54 [.100] Ref
Use Light Pressure
to Insert Switch
NOTE: These same procedures
apply to socket installation.
Rotate to Align Second
Row -- Then Push Down
on Ends of Switch
To hold switch in place during wave soldering, the
four outside contact leads may be clinched
inward at 45. Refer to Figure 5.
Figure 5
PC Board
Clinched Contact Lead (Inward Only)
Housing Bottomed
on PC Board
For pc board soldering and cleaning procedures,
and recommended solvents, refer to Application
Specification 114--1056.
After the switch has been inserted into the DIP socket
or soldered onto the pc board, proceed as follows:
1. Remove seal from the switches, see Figure 6.
Figure 6
Low--Profile Switch
Remove Tape
Seal from
Masking Material
Standard--Profile or
Side--Actuated Switch
Remove Seal from Top
Left to Bottom Right
(Diagonal Across the

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