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1--21002--6 Datenblatt(PDF) 2 Page - Tyco Electronics

Teilenummer 1--21002--6
Bauteilbeschribung  Double Action Hand Tool
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1--21002--6 Datenblatt(HTML) 2 Page - Tyco Electronics

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DAHT Adapter Assembly 1213563--1
Rev B
of 5
Tyco Electronics Corporation
3.1. Crimp Head Removal from Hand Tool
1. Remove the two retaining rings from one side of
the hand tool body and push the retaining pins,
along with the two remaining retaining rings,
through the opposite side of the tool body as
shown in Figure 2.
2. Slide the crimp head out of the tool body.
3.2. Crimp Head Installation onto Adapter
The adapter has two quick pins installed. The quick
pins will be used to secure the crimp head to the
adapter. Therefore, these quick pins must be
removed prior to installing the crimp head, then
proceed as follows:
1. Align the crimp head mounting holes with the
adapter quick pin holes as shown in Figure 1, then
insert the crimp head into adapter cavity.
2. Install the quick pins through the slotted holes in
the adapter and into the crimp head mounting
holes. See Figure 1.
If quick pins become difficult to install, it may be
necessary to jog the clevises to properly align the
After the crimp head is installed, make sure that
the quick pins are FULLY inserted to avoid
personal injury and damage to the tool.
3.3. Adapter Installation and Removal
After the crimp head has been installed onto the
adapter, the adapter is ready for installation onto the
pneumatic tool. Refer to Customer Manual 409--5862
for instructions on removing a previously installed
cam and tool holder from the pneumatic tool.
Air pressure must be removed from the
pneumatic tool t while crimp head or tool holder
is detached.
DO NOT operate the pneumatic tool without the
proper adapter and crimp head installed.
1. If the adapter cam setscrew is not installed in
the adapter cam, thread the setscrew into the
adapter cam two to three turns.
2. Place the adapter cam (with setscrew) onto the
piston rod of the pneumatic tool as shown in Figure
3. The adapter cam should butt against the piston
rod face. If not, turn the setscrew counterclockwise
until the adapter cam fits on the piston rod
Over--tightening the adapter cam setscrew may
damage the setscrew or cam.
3. Using the hex wrench supplied with the adapter,
tighten the cam setscrew, then pull on the cam to
ensure that it is firmly attached.
Figure 2
Retaining Rings
Typical DAHT
Handle Assembly
Retaining Pins
Typical DAHT
Crimp Head
Retaining Rings

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